Friday, April 15, 2011

March 7th

Kumusto! I made it to Sunday Ha. I don't know where to begin. When I first got here it was pretty tough. My companion is from South Jordan and he is a computer fixer. There are four in our room. The other two Elders in our room are from Highland and California. They are exactly like me, they are awsome. I have two teachers that went to the philippines a couple of years ago and they are really cool The 1st 3 days were really hard because the language is so hard. But around Saturday I started getting things down. I can say all sorts of phrases and questions in Tagalog and say a prayer in Tagalog; There are lots of Tongans from Australia in my building and their awesome. By the fourth week here they can have fluent conversations in Tagalog. There are six elders and four sisters in my district that are going to the Philippines. I know there was a reason I brought my old camera too, there is an Elder from the Martial Islands in my district that can barely speak any English, let alone learn Tagolog, But anyway all he has is disposible cameras so I gave him my old one.
Today was Sunday and in our Sacrament meeting everyone bared their testimonies in Tagalog. That was pretty cool. My P day is Monday and if you want you can go to and write me a letter, they give it to you everyday. How is my Dog? How is the family? Please tell everybody to write. I'm going to give you a list of things I want you to send. Please, Thanks, Razor to cut hair, Big Flag, Bowl, nose hair wax, popsicle sticks. tons of pictures, the kids pictures too, Food and here is $30.00 to buy it, cup of noodles, ramen, any snacks, cookies, doughnuts, cheese and crackers, zebra cakes, chips and salsa

Her is a story I heard at the firside last night. Some missionaries went to Japan and they walked into an investigators house. As the investigator shut the door he explained how he was a pilot bomber at Pearl Harbor. He began to tell a sotry of how he was flying around with one bomb left and lots of machine gun amo. He saw a white building. As he circled around toward the temple he got ready to drop the bomb. When he was directly over he tried to drop it and it wouldnt release. He circled again and tried to fire the guns, those also wouldn't fire. He figured he would try again, as he tried to turn around to circle above for another shot the plane wouldn't turn. The Lord was protecting his house. I thought that was a great story

Well thank everyone, I'm doing good and working on the Language ha. Salamat for the letter dad and tell the family Kumusto! Thanks for the letter mom and have fun cleaning the pee, you know you love her